Manual digital electrostatic powder paint sprayer - M320 model

  • High quality coating
  • Ergonomic design
  • Equipped with two control unit and two powder coating Gun
  • Reduction in the use of powder paint
  • Proper and complete coating of the corner points
    3 pre programmed mod
  • Earth and Gun connectivity detector
  • Automatic and manual powder spraying gun connectable
  • High quality body and parts
  • Fully Repairable and Replaceable parts
  • Less weight
  • One year warranty


Technical specifications of manual digital electrostatic powder paint sprayer - M320 model


frequency50 / 60 KHz
Working temperature-10° C ~ +50° C
Input Voltage15V Max
Output Voltage100 KV
Output Current140 μA
priorityNegative (-)
weight420 gr
length340 mm
Gun FrequencyMAX 40 K HZ
Maximum Input Air pressure8 Bar
Average Input Air pressure6 Bar
Minimum Input Air pressure4 Bar
Maximum input Air Moisture1,4 g/Nm^3
Maximum Input Air oil0,1 ppm
Maximum Input Air Consume13,2 Nm^3/h/24,5Nm^3/h
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