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For industry, we offer advanced equipment and systems for the application of powder coatings and paint to surfaces. Contractors and fabricators use our reliable and economical tools with a range of technologies including powder-coating spray gun equipment. we have developed a wide range of user-friendly and improvement products. With our innovations and highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly, top-quality products, we make the advantages of the latest technology of real benefit for our customers.
رنگپاش پودری الکترواستاتیک دستی دیجیتال مدل m320
رنگپاش پودری الکترواستاتیک دستی دیجیتال مدل m320

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Special sale of electrostatic powder paint sprayer: including powder paint sprayer, static powder paint machine and all powder paint spraying and recycling equipment.
  • Powder paint recycling cyclone
  • Powder sprayer
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